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Praise for Golf swing Control

The following letters from subscribers are testimonies to the results obtained from reading the The Interactive Golf Swing Book Newsletter. All of the subscribers shown have given permission to post their letters on the web site.

The information in the Golf Swing Book Newsletters is only a small part of the information in the Golf Swing Control Course.

The information in the Golf Swing Control Course is a combination of my research plus the feedback from thousands of golfers around the world who have responded to the information in the newsletter project.

I believe that this information, because of the feedback from golfers like yourself, targets the core information you really need to permanently improve your golf game.

Tracy Reed

PS; If you want to talk to any of them, email me for their email address.

I would just like to let you know how big an impact your newsletters have made with my game.
I have read a few of the more important books, Nicklaus, Penick, etc. I have watched the golf channel. I tried the video of "Shootin' Straight" etc. And I have taken some video lessons.

None of these were worthless. They have all helped me in shaping my understanding, but your newsletters finally clicked in place some important answers to questions I could not find the answers to.

I quickly focused on your discussion of balance. That makes perfect sense. The "tray" analogy fixed some backswing flaws. Those two concepts alone added accuracy to my iron shots and 20 yards in length to every club.

I read with skepticism your discussion of focus on where you want to place the ball, by looking at the target and placing your feet appropriately. I'm a very logical person and I had tremendous reservations.

To my surprise, I attempted this while putting and have noticed a drastic improvement. It works with severe breaks and I have avoided leaving the ball short. I applied it to chipping and now irons.

I applied these 3 concepts in about 3 days practice, and now I play with tremendous confidence. I know it can only get better. I am breaking 100 and flirting with playing in the low 90's and truly believe that I can break 90 as well someday soon.

Chris Bianco

I actually read several of the newsletters yesterday and I was quite impressed. I am a golf coach and I am always looking for ways to communicate helpful hints to our athletes.

Your explanation of the back leg and the necessity to keep it flexed was especially enlightening. I have always heard instructors comment on this as a fundamental but I never really totally understood why. Your explanation of balance and its role in the golf swing explains a great deal.

Last night I went to the range and worked on the balanced setup you prescribed as well as the flex in my left knee (I am left handed) and I hit the ball the best I have hit it all year.
The power felt effortless and the best part is that the downswing became automatic.
I look forward to future newsletters and especially to the book.

Thank you,
David Taebel

The newsletters you sent helped my iron game more than any other training book I've read. (many $'s worth)
You see all kinds of ways advertised to improve, but none come close to what I've picked up from your lessons. So simple to execute instructions.

Thanks for making a long and on target iron player out of me. Keep up the great advise & I'm looking forward to future golf improvements thru your lessons.

Thanks again,
George Stinnett

Just wanted to update you on my continued improvement. When I first began reading your articles I shot a 108 that weekend.

I've shown remarkable improvement over the last seven rounds, beyond even what I thought possible in only my second season of play.

After two rounds I began posting scores in the mid- nineties and then continued into the low-nineties.
Yesterday, in my eighth round since practicing what you teach in your newsletters, I shot an unbelievable 83!!!

I just wanted to thank you again it's truly remarkable what you have done for my game! It makes playing every weekend even that more enjoyable!


I have been working with your material for several weeks now.
One of the most important things that your writing has helped me with is more of a general issue. I will be 54 years old the end of this month and started playing golf in August of 2001 so I'm new at it.

I have taken lesson from a pro but what you have helped me see is that I have made all of this much more complicated then it really is. I have been trying to make it "perfect", and by doing so increased my tension and destroyed my confidence as of course my swing and ball contact is never perfect.

I am now going out to play and just swinging the club with out thinking about it and worrying if it will be a good swing and good ball contact.
I shot my best score this week of 94 on a pretty difficult course.

Two friends I have been playing with, who are much more experienced then me and alway score better, were amazed that my score was lower by a few strokes then theirs when I have only been playing a short time.

I also had been trying to "beat" them for some time. I realized before this round that this thought just made me want to be that much more "perfect" so I more or less just focused on my game and where my ball was going and not trying to beat anyone.
Hope this was not too long a message for you but thanks for your work, keep it up.

John Connery

Your information is amazing! It's like magic!

I consider myself a complete golf novice. I started like you. Somebody suggested I should try it. I did and I was hooked. I took 3 golf lessons (most of the information I have already forgotten) I have played a few times on some 9 hole golf courses and 1 time on a muni golf course, which was more frustrating than I want to admit; but still had fun. For the most part I was happy if I just hit the golf ball at all.

I have read your first 4 chapters and have applied them to my golf swing and without fail I hit the golf ball dead on every time by focusing on my balance and not leaving my eyes from the ball.

Thank you.
Novice Golfer in Santa Barbara

Last winter I attended a very well known golf school for 5 days. The results were amazing, but they seemed to disappear once I left the school.

Your program has been a godsend. I cannot tell you how much it has helped me and how quickly it helped. The results are repeatable and consistent.

I have been so impressed with your program that I have suggested it to many friends.I hope that they get as much benefit as I did.
Keep up the good work.

-= Brian =-

I have discussed your newsletters with many friends since I received it. It not only helps you with what your supposed to do during your swing but tells you why.

I have read 3 newsletters so far and honestly my swing and setup with my irons and has improved more in three weeks than I could of imagined.

My score on the course has dropped by 12 to 14 strokes, I am actually hitting right below 100 and I have only been playing 3 months.

Thanks for all of this info and I am looking forward to reading the rest of the newsletters.

Donald Lightfoot

Just a short note to say that I believe my whole game (except bunker play) is starting to come together, thanks to you. The initial set-up procedure which you outline, is working well for me and this is especially noticeable in my driving where I believe most people do take the extra care. Yesterday, I missed only one fairway out of 14 and hit some real bombs in the process. I use a 47.5" long driver, and surprisingly, accuracy is no problem.

I find that concentration on the spine tilt and staying behind the ball will correct most of the problems which I come up against (mainly pulling or slightly "rights" caused by an open face).

My iron play is getting far more consistent and striking much more solid, more often, with the extra care and improved swing which is now taking place. Greens in regulation may not be startling but are increasing from an average of 28% to around 36%.

When I started using your newsletter instruction, my index was 11 and now is 9.5 so some improvement is occurring. My three scoring rounds this month are 83, 82, and 80 yesterday on my relatively long par 72 course. Each of these rounds would probably have been about 3 strokes better with some improved course management, so I'm going in the right direction and the necessary net 75, to play my age, is not out of the way.

Thank you for including me in your newletters and helping me with problems which I have identified.

Best regards,
Graeme Hyslop

I put my reputation on the line Saturday and decided that the first thing that I would address with each pupil at the clinic was their balance throughout the swing.

Normally, the first thing I address is their grip, then stance, then posture, etc... I must admit that they got results quicker using the dynamic balance approach than I get normally. And the magnitude of the improvement was such that they were amazed at their shot consistency.

While the other fundamentals are still very important to the golf swing, and I will never abandon them. I will be using your techniques with all my students from now on.
Thank you,

John Barree
Dallas, TX

I wanted to pass on a GREAT story that happened to me today at the range.

I was going through my routine, hitting some good shots, and the person next to me was receiving an hour of instruction. He wasn't getting anywhere, and to be real honest the instruction wasn't very good.

Well, when I'd glance over and watch this guy swing I could SEE his right foot rolling over and his right knee straightening and going to the right and then I could SEE his weight dramatically shift to outside his left foot and his left knee would swing out.

His instructor outfitted him with some weird contraption and told him to swing it back because, "he had to build muscle memory." When he did this, you could still SEE his balance way off. Basically, the instructor was saying EVERYTHING that you don't! It was sadly comical. The instruction was going nowhere. You could tell the poor sap was frustrated (I know I've been there).

So his instruction finishes and he decides he's going to hit another bucket to work on it all . He turns to me and says, "I see you hit the ball pretty well, do you notice anything?" (I promise this story is real) I say, suppressing laughter because a mere four days ago I was in the same boat as this guy, "Why don't you try this..." I go through the grip and stance routine...looking down range, etc,....and I tell him "Just really concentrate on keeping all of your weight balanced just behind and inside the balls of your feet while slowly taking your backswing, make your downswing by moving your hips while really concentrating on keeping the weight on the balls of your feet, and see what happens."

To nobody's surprise but this guy's, he does this and sends a beautiful 8-iron shot high in the air and straight. I then proceeded to tell him my story about how your's is the greatest golf instruction I've ever received and 4 days ago my shots were uglier than his and I gave him the web site address. Now he's hitting some good looking golf shots.

Now here's the kicker...he pulls out his wallet and offers ME $70 and says, "I just paid that bastard in there $70 and he didn't do a damn thing so I might as well pay it to somebody that helped!" I politely refused and told him to visit your site.

If going from a hack to a "golf instructor" in 4-days isn't the best testimony to your instruction, then I don't know what is!!!

Thanks again!

I haven't read the entire archive as of yet, but I wanted to let you know about the "butt move." I'm an 8 handicap, working my way back down to a 5 (I lost my iron game in April).

I use a VERY abbreviated backswing. Not as short as Alan Doyle - more like a Nick Price move. Anyway, I always have had trouble with the transition from backswing to downswing because of the shortness (and quickness) of my swing. I used the butt move on Sunday and hit them as straight as I have all year. In addition, I found an extra 15 - 20 yards in distance.

Thanks - I'll keep you posted,

(reply after asking to post this letter on the web site.)

You can use it on your website if you don't use my last name.

As a P.S....Last night was league night. We have a downhill par 4 measuring 320 yards. My drive was ONE INCH from the hole. All seven of my drives were dead straight, handily outdriving competitors I used to be outdriven by.

Thanks again,

I was doing some searching on the WEB last week and found your site. I spent a couple days reviewing your newsletters and must say they have had a real positive effect.

I normally shoot anywhere from the mid to high 80's on a good day and low 90's on not so good days. I spent a couple of sessions at the driving range, concentrating on the grip, balance routine and the backswing techniques, particularly the "turn" and building that power that you speak of in the right leg.

I always have trouble getting any length off the tee and can fight a nasty slice. On Sunday, I shot a 79 and was getting great results off the tee, around the 250 yd range , and just a gentle fade. This success off the tee continued on through my irons. The little adjustment of targeting my left elbow at the target while putting, which felt a little awkward at first, had me sinking a number of 10 -12 footers which I almost always 2 putt.

I'm looking forward to my next round!! I have passed on your site to a couple of buddies, although I was reluctant to share my "secret"!

Thank you !
Mike Antoniak


I recently signed up on your web site as I am an avid reader of golf instruction, trying to find MY perfect swing. I am 56 years old and have been playing golf for about 37 years and play to a 4 handicap. Over the last year to year and a half I have been practicing hard to lower my handicap and get ready for some Senior events in our state.

I am always skeptical at first when I read golf instruction but open to try new things if I think they will work. I have studied Butch Harmon, Jim McLean, Rick Smith, Dave Pelz, David Leadbetter, Dean Reinmuth, etc. and have taken something away from all that have helped in some way.

I have never improved so quickly as I have after two practice sessions utilizing your Dynamic Balance technique and setup. Not only did I score well my first round using the techniques from your excerpts but I hit the ball farther and more solid than at any time in my golfing career.

I was averaging over 20 yards further with my tee shots and had career drives on two par fives by over 25 yards on each. I am a believer!

I have struggled in prior years coming up with a viable setup routine to help with alignment as well as swinging in balance. I have always practiced with a club on the ground in order to aid my alignment. Your technique of looking at the target while setting your feet was instrumental in not only helping with my alignment but also helping me stay in balance as well. Moreover, it helps prevent midswing adjustments due to misalignment.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to read your excerpts from this book and I cannot wait to buy it when it becomes available.

Bill Engle
Louisville, KY


I just signed up for your newsletter last week. I golf once or twice a week and I am about a bogey golfer. I usually shoot in the low 90's.

I got a chance to read your first newsletter right before I went out to the course. I applied the new balance to my swing by putting my weight on the arches of my feet.

Wow. I was hitting the ball longer and straighter immediately. I shot an 81 that day and have never had so much fun on the golf course.

I can't wait for more newsletters to come out. Keep 'em comin!
Thanks again.
SSgt Scott M. Davis USMC


I have played at the game of golf for more than thirty years. Not until I read your newsletter and followed the instructions did I know what I had been missing all those years. Your straight forward, no nonsense instruction makes a real difference. My shots are straighter, my confidence is up, and most importantly, my enjoyment of the game has increased.
Thanks for your work, and keep it up!!

Ben Haskell
AIDT Technical Coordinator
Leadership Business Training


Thanks. Your advice has totally changed my approach to the game. I have only been playing since 1998 and was taught very mechanically. Ever since, I look for a mechanical approach to everything. The idea of gripping the club where it felt "comfortable" seemed nuts. So I tried it today.

I went to the driving range and tried my normal swing, setting everything very mechanically. If you were to look at me, it would appear right out of Golf Digest. But about 2 out of 5 shots went wild.

So.....I took a deep breath, stepped behind the ball, took a couple of practice swings and then stepped up to the ball. I did not even look at setting anything, and just set my hands on the club where the felt real comfortable. I went through the rest of your routine in Chapter 3 as I always do. I went through a slow backswing and then swung. The ball flew off the tee, straight as an arrow, lots further than I normally hit. I finished the bucket with the much same results.

I then stepped over to a practice hole, which was deserted. It was late in the day. I took 11 balls and hit all 11 dead center of the fairway, all of them in about a 30 foot circle, about 230 yards out. I never once looked at setting anything mechanically, just stepped up and hit it when it felt good. And man did it feel good. I have never felt that before. My second shot at 172 yards: I estimate that I put 9 balls on the green, one over and one to the side. I put six in for birdie, four for par and one lip out bogie.

Questions? I have no further questions!

Walking to the car I began to think about the movie Bagger Vance and what Bagger kept telling Junah. "Find your authentic swing." I did not understand what he was talking about then and considered it Hollywood yak yak. Today I finally understand. With your help, I finally....finally, found my authentic swing....It was there all along!

Thank you,
Bob Gaskin


I've been reading your newletter for about three weeks. I've primarily been working on the balanced swing.

I had back surgery two years ago and couldn't handle the motion until about three months ago. Although I had played to an 8 hdcp, it was based on a "muscular swing" which often left me sore. After starting up, but before reading your newletters, I couldn't get any distance and had no timing, hence scores in the 120's.

After studying your material, I have focused on the dynamic swing balance exercises. In three weeks, my scores have dropped rapidly, the ball flight is excellent, direction is very consistant (never was before) and I finish my round without soreness, since I don't have to "muscle" the club to get adequate distance.

I live in Puerto Rico and play about once a week. Yesterday, I shot 91 from the whites (about 6400 yards) on a track with lots of water and sand.

Thank you for you wonderful information. It has given me back my favorite game.
From Puerto Rico,
Sam Wood


I just finished reading all of your newsletters and I found the section on balance to be great. I am about an 18 handicap and I played for the 1st time yesterday after reading the newsletters.

I told myself no matter what just keep your body in balance all through the swing. I noticed that even if I did not strike the ball perfectly, I still got a relatively good shot. I shot an 82!

I look forward to working on the techniques described in your newsletter.
Patrick Fagerberg


Last winter I attended a very well known golf school for 5 days. The results were amazing, but they seemed to disappear once I left the school.

Your program has been a godsend. I cannot tell you how much it has helped me and how quickly it helped. The results are repeatable and consistent.

I have been so impressed with your program that I have suggested it to many friends. I hope that they get as much benefit as I did.

Keep up the good work.
-= Brian in Colorado=-


...I have attended Mclean in NYC, Leadbetter in South Carolina, Gravity Golf in Florida, Golf Tek in Atlanta and Pennick in Austin and gone to that golf camp in Tampa that teaches you on their course for not one, but two weeks.

I have read Pennick, Hogan, Mclean, Leadbetter, Woods, and Faldo's books. I have watched the Golf Channel religiously.I subscribe to both Golf Mag and Golf Digest.

The point I am making is that I searched the entire golf instruction industry for the answer to the question that you gave me in a paragraph.

Until you, no one else could give me the simple movement solution you did and I obviously could not "find" it on my own. After you answered my question, the movement seemed reminiscent of prior self discoveries I have had from 4 years of practice, but was unable to comprehend without your instructions.

You made something that has eluded me, and any instructor who has ever evaluated me, come together in an instant.

Maybe I was on the verge of a "breakthrough", but it wouldn't have happened without your insight.

Mike Tammierillo
Denver, CO

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