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Golf Swing Control is unlike any other golf instruction course in the world because it builds your physical game and your mental game together. Take your time to read the related articles and see if they make sense. If they do, I can help. If they don't make sense, take the time to contact me and ask whatever questions will clear up any confusion.

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Letters from Golfers and fellow Pros

When I met Tracy Reed, it became evident that he had the ability to organize information while creating an atmosphere for processing body awareness. He has strong motivational skills, which I have employed as a golf coach on the developmental tours where aspiring golf pros are honing their skills to reach the next level.

Robert De Leon
Teaching Professional
Myrtle Beach, SC

I wanted to pass on a GREAT story that happened to me today at the range.

I was going through my routine, hitting some good shots, and the person next to me was receiving an hour of instruction. He wasn't getting anywhere, and to be real honest the instruction wasn't very good.

Well, when I'd glance over and watch this guy swing I could SEE his right foot rolling over and his right knee straightening and going to the right and then I could SEE his weight dramatically shift to outside his left foot and his left knee would swing out.

His instructor outfitted him with some weird contraption and told him to swing it back because, "he had to build muscle memory." When he did this, you could still SEE his balance way off.
Basically, the instructor was saying EVERYTHING that you don't! It was sadly comical. The instruction was going nowhere.
You could tell the poor sap was frustrated (I know I've been there).

So his instruction finishes and he decides he's going to hit another bucket to work on it all . He turns to me and says, "I see you hit the ball pretty well, do you notice anything?" (I promise this story is real) I say, suppressing laughter because a mere four days ago I was in the same boat as this guy, "Why don't you try this..." I go through the grip and stance routine...looking down range, etc,....and I tell him "Just really concentrate on keeping all of your weight balanced just behind and inside the balls of your feet while slowly taking your backswing, make your downswing by moving your hips while really concentrating on keeping the weight on the balls of your feet, and see what happens."

To nobody's surprise but this guy's, he does this and sends a beautiful 8-iron shot high in the air and straight. I then proceeded to tell him my story about how your's is the greatest golf instruction I've ever received and 4 days ago my shots were uglier than his and I gave him the web site address. Now he's hitting some good looking golf shots.

Now here's the kicker...he pulls out his wallet and offers ME $70 and says, "I just paid that bastard in there $70 and he didn't do a damn thing so I might as well pay it to somebody that helped!" I politely refused and told him to visit your site.

If going from a hack to a "golf instructor" in 4-days isn't the best testimony to your instruction, then I don't know what is!!!

Thanks again!

I put my reputation on the line Saturday and decided that the first thing that I would address with each pupil at the clinic was their balance throughout the swing.

Normally, the first thing I address is their grip, then stance, then posture, etc...
I must admit that they got results quicker using the dynamic balance approach than I get normally.
And the magnitude of the improvement was such that they were amazed at their shot consistency.

While the other fundamentals are still very important to the golf swing, and I will never abandon them. I will be using your techniques with all my students from now on.
Thank you,

John Barree
Dallas, TX

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