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The Fine Art of Golf Club Fitting

Golf clubs that fit your body structure are just as important as a consistent, efficient golf swing.

Let's face it. These days buying a set of golf clubs is a major investment. The last thing you want to do is shell out a ton of cash for something that doesn't help your golf game or in some cases, actually hurts it!

Unless you are 5'11" and of average build, golf clubs off of the shelf don't really fit you.

So I'd like you to resist the urge to run out and buy what's hot in golf clubs until you understand whether those clubs will have any affect on your golf game.

The first assumption golfers make when their game goes sour is that the new golf club technology can somehow overcome their golf swing faults. I have good news and bad....It can help, but only if the clubs fit you.

If you have a shot pattern that you feel you shouldn't have or you cannot swing comfortably with your present golf clubs, the problem may not be your swing. It could be caused by your golf clubs.....But remember, if you're thinking of going down to your friendly Golf Store and buying new clubs, you could be repeating the same mistake.

Many Golf Stores say they will fit the clubs to you. They will check your swing speed in the store and fit you with the proper shaft flex for your swing speed.

Fitting the golf club shaft is only a small part of club fitting. There is the loft, the lie, club length, and club swing weight to consider.

You're probably wondering how the pros do it. It's one of two ways. Either they play a forged club which can be bent to their specifications or they have the clubs made special for their specs. The golf club manufacturers are willing to do this because the pros are their best advertisement.

If you're thinking about buying forged clubs, look at the wear marks on the clubface of your present clubs. If the wear mark is centered and the size of a dime, go ahead and buy them, take them to a class "A" clubfitter and have the golf clubs bent to fit. Otherwise you will need to find a manufacturer that will take the time to fit the clubs to you.

If someone says they will fit clubs to you or offers to give you golf lessons at an indoor net, run, yes I said run. Why?

The most important part of club fitting is the ball flight. If the person fitting you has no idea of your ball fight, they can't possibly fit you accurately.

Is golf club fitting worth the price? Only you can answer that. You first need to take into account the aggravation your present clubs may be causing you due to improper fit. You need to add up the cost of the clubs you have bought in the past in an effort to improve your game. You need to think about the fact that a properly fitted set of golf clubs eliminates the doubt you may have about your equipment and the cost of buying more clubs in the future.

Before you get fit for clubs or let anyone check your golf club, first see if he's a class A clubfitter. The schools they attend are much more than assembling golf clubs and it's is worth your time to find the best.

I have searched online to find a good source of help. For more information on clubfitting go to: The Golf Doctors

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