the perfect, effortless golf swing secret

What do golfers always ask me?

The question I hear most often from new students when they are suddenly hitting the golf ball better than ever is: "Where were you 20 years ago?"

And they always look surprised when I tell them I was struggling with MY golf game until I discovered how to skip past all of the grinding to get to the game I always knew I could play.

Tracy Reed here. After my 25 year journey that started with just trying to solve the problem of an inconsistent golf swing, I'm now a Golf Finishing Coach.

I provide golfers with the "Intangibles" that move them from being "stuck" to the golf game they know is possible but is currently out of reach.

Do you feel like you are "stuck" with your current golf game... Where nothing you try gets any lasting results?

If your answer is "Yes", you're not alone! 20 years ago I felt "stuck" and couldn't get past the point where I wouldn't occasionally:

  • Duff it off the first tee.
  • Hit a great drive (for me at the time) and then chunk the next shot from a perfect lie in the middle of the fairway.
  • Throw and break clubs out of sheer rage because I couldn't figure out why my game suddenly blew up in the middle of a real good round.
  • Or any number of other issues that made me want to shrink into the landscape after a terrible shot.

It took 15 years to solve these issues... Not for you, at first. I did it because I was sick of my game and there is no "quit" or "settle" in my personality. So despite major injuries and multiple setbacks, with dogged determination, I cracked this nut. It wasn't until other golfers wanted to know how I did it that I started sharing all that I learned.

Honestly, if I was a professional playing for living, nobody would ever know all of the "intangibles" I discovered that make such a big difference in a golf game.

Here are just some of the "intangibles" I learned that make all of the difference in a golf shot.

  • Active Awareness allows both the conscious and subconscious minds to work together during agolf shot
  • Balance is the first and formost Intangible because without it your body will fight you and your mind will be distracted.
  • Visualization has to be based on body/balnce feedback. If not the subconscious will be distracted.
  • Proper understanding of how to use intention in combination with balance and visualization brings the golf swing and the golf shot together.

The key of course is learning how the intangibles work and then learning how to apply them. The best part is that you use them every day already. Once you are more aware of how they work you will see that applying them comes naturally.

So are you ready to finally rid yourself of these problems for good?

Do you spend most of your time practicing and still experience any of the following?

  • The embarrassment of a pathetic first drive...
  • Playing well and suddenly chunking a shot...
  • Losing so many balls that your foursome quits helping you look...
  • Hearing, "Just hit one from where I landed" too many times...
  • Taking lessons and getting WORSE?
  • Taking 4 or more strokes to get in the hole from 10 feet off the green...
  • Having to pick up because you're holding up the whole golf course...
  • Quitting in mid round to drink...
  • Throwing clubs.
  • Breaking clubs.
  • You suffer from Army Golf - left, right, left.
  • The occasional wild shot ruins a perfect round.
  • You often seem to ruin your best scores by suddenly losing your golf swing, only to find it again 2 or 3 holes later, AFTER it's too late to salvage the round.
  • Or you hit it perfect on the range and wonder where that swing disappeared to once you got to the golf course.

Are you open to finally learning the simple secret for a consistent repeating golf swing?

I could go into detail about all of the things my golf instruction will do for you, but it's so much easier to say what it doesn't do.

  • You won't have to throw away anything you bought about the golf swing because this secret simply explains it better and fills in the missing pieces so what you know now just makes more sense.

  • It doesn't prove anyone else wrong. Everything you have read or heard about the golf swing is based on facts. It's just sometimes the core facts are missing the details that make them work. I'll clear all of that up for you.

  • It won't tie you up in knots trying to learn anything new. This golf swing secret is based on systems your mind and body use already. I'll just show you how to get the most out of them to make your golf swing so much easier than you can imagine.

If you haven't done it yet, go back and sign up for the free lessons so you too can experience what consistency is all about.

If you have any questions, email me or give me a call - 239-227-7989.


When I met Tracy Reed, it became evident that he had the ability to organize information while creating an atmosphere for processing body awareness. He has strong motivational skills, which I have employed as a golf coach on the developmental tours where aspiring golf pros are honing their skills to reach the next level.

Robert De Leon
Teaching Professional
Myrtle Beach, SC