the perfect, effortless golf swing secret

What do golfers always ask me?

The question I hear most often from new students when they are suddenly hitting the golf ball better than ever is: "Where were you 20 years ago?"

And they always look surprised when I tell them I was struggling with MY golf swing until I discovered this simple hidden golf swing secret.

Tracy Reed here. After my 25 year journey to solve the problem of inconsistent golf swing, I'm now a Golf Biomechanic, former Military Interrogator, and an expert on how the mind and body interact under high pressure situations.

My claim to fame is discovering the solutions for the last 2 mysteries of golf: Consistency and the Zone... And I have proof.

Golf Swing Control shows golfers of all levels how to become consistent and find their own true golf swing.

But why I went to the great lengths to find these solutions is as equally important as the solutions themselves...

You see, I've been part of the golf instruction industry for over 25 years. First as a victim and then eventually as a solution. At first I felt like a victim because all of the instruction in the world didn't help. Oh, I'd improve temporarily, but within a few weeks I'd be back to where I started or maybe slightly better.

I tried every bit of instruction I could get my hands on to improve and become a consistently better golfer. I saw very good instructors, but the inconsistency remained. Their answer was always, "practice", but no level of practice would do it. I'd like to blame them, but I know they truly tried to help me to become more consistent.

When I was fed up with golf instruction, I set out to find out WHY golf instruction couldn't help with consistency. Answer? Consistency isn't the goal modern golf instruction is designed around. I don't know why, and frankly, I don't care why, but I do know this...
You don't have to accept inconsistency as part of the game of golf.

Hogan's secret is very simple, so simple that golf instructors refuse to accept it, which means they won't teach it to you. I believe that is flat out wrong and I set out over 15 years ago to challenge the status quo in the golf instruction industry and show golfers that there really is an easier way to learn to play good golf in a short amount of time without shelling out your life savings to get there. That's not what golf is about.

Golf is, or should be a personal challenge to improve yourself. It's not about the golf swing, but rather personal development of how you solve problems and hang in there when the ball doesn't bounce your way. If you spend all of your time just trying to find a consistent efficient golf swing, you miss the most important lessons golf teaches you.

If you're tired of the "golf instruction merry-go-round and would like to get out, challenge yourself and enjoy the real benefits the game of golf has in store for you, join me in changing how this game is taught so that everyone who wants to play at their highest level has the opportunity to rise to their best golf game.

These days, I also turn good golfers into clutch golfers by showing them how to find the Zone for every shot on the golf course in my Bio-Visual Focus Instruction Course for 10 hcp. or less golfers.

But first I have a simple question you need to answer honestly if you ever hope to achieve your true potential in golf...

Has golf swing instruction screwed up your golf game (too)?

If your answer is "Yes", you're not alone! 20 years ago I too felt the embarrassment of:

  • Duffing it off the first tee.
  • Hitting a great drive (for me at the time) and then chunking the next shot from a perfect lie in the middle of the fairway.
  • Running out of balls on the front 9.
  • Throwing and breaking clubs out of sheer rage because I couldn't figure out why my game suddenly blew up in the middle of a real good round.
  • Or any number of other issues that make golfers want to shrink into the landscape after a terrible shot.

I didn't realize at the time that I was searching for one of the last 2 mysteries of golf!.. The secret of consistency.

It turns out that I found it.

Testing has proven that this golf swing secret works 99% of the time, but discovering this crucial piece of the puzzle was a bumpy ride...

Sick of making up excuses about my game and generally making a fool of myself on the golf course, I spent years researching the golf swing to find out just why it seemed impossible to improve at the game of golf. I had every golf book, golf swing video and golf magazine tip produced. I tried them all looking for that one thing that would break my golf game wide open. When a tip worked, I thought I found "it" and I was up. Then when it wore off, I was back down. My life was an emotional roller-coaster.

The only resource that consistently brought me back was Ben Hogan's Five Lessons. I couldn't place my finger on why but somehow I knew there was a real golf swing secret in there.

I took golf swing lessons, multiple times for months, from pros with good reputations, only to see my game slip back to "normal" a few weeks later. After a few years, I noticed that most of the golf swing tips in the golf magazines were old ones I had in my archives, just re-hashed with some "new' twist and that most of the golf instruction I received in person was the same information I was reading in the magazines. Some of the information worked, for a week or two, but it never stuck. I was sick of the ups and downs.

I made it down to a 7 handicap, but it was work and I still made many of the mistakes described above. Frankly, I didn't enjoy golf any more so...

After 6 years of aggravation, I threw my clubs into a corner and quit.

But that wasn't the fate the golf gods had in store for me...

My friend, Jeff, wanted to play in a company tournament but didn't want to look like a total hacker. He asked me if I could help with his golf swing. I told him I might be able to improve his game and he suggested a new lit driving range about 20 minutes away.

When we arrived at the driving range, there were golfers everywhere. It was the grand opening and the pro asked us if we wanted to get into the putting tournament. I said heck yes, because it was the strongest part of my game. Jeff and I went on to hit balls on the double-deck range.

I was able to help Jeff straighten out his golf swing before the putting tournament started. The putting course was nine holes of finely groomed bent grass. To make a long story a little shorter, I won the tournament. My prize was 3 golf lessons with the pro, Robert.

Great! I immediately felt like I was going to withstand more torture and wasted time only to eventually quit again, but Jeff told me to have an open mind. Why I listened to his advice, I'll never know, but it's a good thing that I did.

In 25 minutes during the first golf lesson, Robert did for my golf swing what 5 other pros couldn't do in months each!

After a 5 minute discussion of my golfing history, Robert had me warm up and then put me on the Sonycam. 10 minutes later, I understood what I was doing wrong and in another 10 minutes, I was hitting the ball better than I ever had in my life! In 30 minutes, I had a consistent golf swing that felt comfortable.

I asked Robert the question that was really burning in my head, "What made his golf instruction so much better than the other pros I had seen?" His answer was one I had not encountered in all of my research.

His answer was, "I don't follow standard PGA teaching methods because they don't work, and I show golfers the biomechanics of the golf swing so they can create proper body movement rather than chasing ideas pros get from watching videos."

Biomechanics!.. I had found the Holy Grail!.. Or so I thought.

In a few weeks, I could hit any shot on command with my new golf swing. I was still working out things on the golf course, but I felt like I was on the road to golf enlightenment again.

The one evening, Robert asked me to help him... Me?

The upper deck was full of students waiting for a clinic. Robert asked me to be the demonstrator, something I was glad to do. But afterward, he told me to work with half of the students. I balked, but he said I would be fine. He was right. As a matter of fact, I made some great tips that night. Afterward, Robert let me know I had passed the test.

"Test, what test?" I said.

He said he was looking for an assistant and he had his eye on me. He offered me a position and my dream to become a golf instructor had come true. I took it on the spot.

Over the next few years, Robert taught me all about golf swing biomechanics and we taught a lot of golfers, but there was still a small problem...

I still couldn't put it all together on the golf course and Robert had run out of suggestions.

I felt like a hypocrite because I couldn't perform to the level that I thought my students would expect of me and after lots of thought, Robert and I parted ways.

Biomechanics was NOT the golf swing Holy Grail. There was still something else that would bring everything together. I had more work to do.

From everything I had learned, I knew there was an answer, it wasn't obvious, and it wouldn't be found in any golf instruction on the market. I knew because I was still trying all of the new golf instruction, just in case.

I had come a long way. I could hit any shot in the book, but on the golf course, I would still manage to screw up enough golf shots to ruin an otherwise great game. I was still making excuses and getting very tired of it. I could hit it long and I could hit it accurately, but I wanted to do it CONSISTENTLY on the GOLF COURSE.

Even those few bad shots would send me into a rage, not because I didn't know how to make them, because I could, but because I didn't know why I missed them when I did.

It was then that I realized I was searching for the secret of golf swing consistency.

I was so close, but somehow felt like I was miles away. I kept up the research, even applying knowledge from areas such as Interrogation, Physics, and Martial Arts, which seemed completely unrelated to golf. I was too close to give up.

Then one day it struck me like a ton of bricks!

I was contemplating a story Robert told me about the time when as a kid, he snuck onto the golf course to watch Ben Hogan practice tuning his golf swing. He told how Ben would hit a shot, take a drag off of his cigarette, and contemplate the shot before hitting the next. At the same time, my mind was recalling Hogan's book, "The Five Lessons" and in an instant, the two merged and I realized Ben Hogan's golf swing secret.

The best part about understanding the simple golf swing secret that made Ben Hogan so consistent is that it makes other golf instruction work better. It turns out that all of that information in my now extensive golf library wasn't wrong; it was just missing the most important piece of the puzzle... How to hit golf shots consistently on the golf course!

Once I realized that this was Ben Hogan's true golf swing secret, I only had to prove it!

Now, 10 or more years down the road, I know I have the real secret for a consistent, repeating, powerful golf swing and I've proven it over and over with real results from golfers around the world. My secret helps me to visualize the golf swings of golfers even though they are corresponding with me through email! At first golfers wonder how I do it, but it doesn't matter when they see the results in their own golf swing.

So as it happens time and time again, my first statement to a new golfer or group of golfers that I have discovered the secret for a consistent repeating golf swing draws giggles and jabs. But I tell them they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving my golf instruction an open mind. If they stay, they are freed from the years of frustration. If they go, they aren't ready anyway.

What new students usually don't know is that I have already taught thousands of golfers in 51 countries this golf swing secret with unheard of success. Unheard of because everyone wants to keep this simple golf swing secret to themselves while they're winning all of the bets from their golf buddies!

So are you ready to finally rid yourself of these problems for good?

Do you spend most of your time practicing and still experience any of the following?

  • The embarrassment of a pathetic first drive...
  • Playing well and suddenly chunking a shot...
  • Losing so many balls that your foursome quits helping you look...
  • Hearing, "Just hit one from where I landed" too many times...
  • Taking lessons and getting WORSE?
  • Taking 4 or more strokes to get in the hole from 10 feet off the green...
  • Having to pick up because you're holding up the whole golf course...
  • Quitting in mid round to drink...
  • Throwing clubs.
  • Breaking clubs.
  • You suffer from Army Golf - left, right, left.
  • The occasional wild shot ruins a perfect round.
  • You often seem to ruin your best scores by suddenly losing your golf swing, only to find it again 2 or 3 holes later, AFTER it's too late to salvage the round.
  • Or you hit it perfect on the range and wonder where that swing disappeared to once you got to the golf course.

Are you open to finally learning the simple secret for a consistent repeating golf swing?

I could go into detail about all of the things my golf instruction will do for you, but it's so much easier to say what it doesn't do.

  • You won't have to throw away anything you bought about the golf swing because this secret simply explains it better and fills in the missing pieces so what you know now just makes more sense.

  • It doesn't prove anyone else wrong. Everything you have read or heard about the golf swing is based on facts. It's just sometimes the core facts are missing the details that make them work. I'll clear all of that up for you.

  • It won't tie you up in knots trying to learn anything new. This golf swing secret is based on systems your mind and body use already. I'll just show you how to get the most out of them to make your golf swing so much easier than you can imagine.

If you haven't done it yet, go back and sign up for the free lessons so you too can experience what consistency is all about.

If you have any questions, email me or give me a call - 239-227-7989.


When I met Tracy Reed, it became evident that he had the ability to organize information while creating an atmosphere for processing body awareness. He has strong motivational skills, which I have employed as a golf coach on the developmental tours where aspiring golf pros are honing their skills to reach the next level.

Robert De Leon
Teaching Professional
Myrtle Beach, SC