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Is Your Golf Swing Letting You Down on the Golf Course?

Golf Swing Inconsistent?

Why the golf stance and setup are the root cause of 90% of the mistakes most golfers experience.

Tracy Reed is a Golf Finishing Coach specializing in helping you bridge the gap between your current golf game and the golf game you dream of playing by filling in the crucial missing piece that just can't be found in golf instruction.

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The Golf Swing Control Manual

A Simple Online Golf Swing Secret that will transform your golf swing in just days

Deep in your mind there is an underlying system that connects the mind and body to produce seamless movement whenever you need it.

Whether you are driving a car, walking, eating, running or any other activity you perform seemingly on "automatic", this system handles the process to produce your actions with a very high degree of accuracy.

What if...

You could tap into this system to give your golf swing that same "automatic" accuracy and boost your distance as well?

...I have attended Mclean in NYC, Leadbetter in South Carolina, Gravity Golf in Florida, Golf Tek in Atlanta and Pennick in Austin and gone to that golf camp in Tampa that teaches you on their course for not one, but two weeks.

I have read Pennick, Hogan, Mclean, Leadbetter, Woods, and Faldo's books. I have watched the Golf Channel religiously. I subscribe to both Golf Mag and Golf Digest.

The point I am making is that I searched the entire golf instruction industry for the answer to the question that you gave me in a paragraph.

Until you, no one else could give me the simple movement solution you did and I obviously could not "find" it on my own....

You made something that has eluded me, and any instructor who has ever evaluated me, come together in an instant.

Maybe I was on the verge of a "breakthrough", but it wouldn't have happened without your insight.

Mike Tammierillo
Denver, CO

You might think my simple golf swing secret is just staying in balance but there is more to it than that. Read on to learn the rest of this revolutionary process and get started using it (free) today.

Tracy Reed here...

We've all stood in the fairway asking "Why?" when an easy shot has gone terribly wrong...

To make matters worse many of the golfers who come to me have taken lessons, sometimes for years and STILL aren't sure where the ball will go when they hit their shot!

When I first started playing golf I was convinced there had to be some hidden golf swing secret that pros knew and I didn't. I spent a lot of money and time trying to find that secret until I realized it didn't exist.

Well a technical golf swing secret doesn't exist... Believe me I scoured the planet for it.

After a 20 year journey trying to develop an amazing golf swing, I made a major discovery. I discovered that 99% of all golf instruction is missing one very important ingredient that will make your overall success a helluva lot easier.

My discovery was this one missing ingedient that pulls the mind and body together to make the most amazing golf swing you'll ever experience.

  • Without having to learn a new golf swing.
  • Without physically changing your current golf swing.
  • Without having to learn new "secret golf swing moves".
  • Without intensive mental game study.
  • Without Hypnosis.
  • Without buying new golf clubs.
  • Without using video equipment to constantly review your golf swing.
  • Without using swing assist gadgets that are supposed to induce muscle memory.
  • Without buying new fangled golf swing software.
  • Without memorizing a bunch of golf tips.
  • without spending countless hours on the driving range banging balls until your hands bleed.

Imagine instead...

Your warm up before the round was only 10 -15 balls and your golf swing was ready in 5 or 6 shots... so you had time to putt and practice some short game shots.

Once you understand this simple secret, golf becomes a truly easy game.

If you're still wondering how this works I will try to simplify...

If you've ever been walking and tripped on something, your body immediately tried to catch you. You didn't think about it. It happened because of an automatic response buried deep in the brain that is ALWAYS working.

The trip response is part of the underlying system you will use to gain total control over your golf swing.

This is very important because when you hit a bad shot, it's the trip response in this system that causes the bad shot. It happens on a much smaller scale when you are swinging a golf club...

But in essence when you hit a bad shot in golf, it happens because your body "tripped" a little during the golf swing.

The "trip" is such a small event that you don't notice it. You are just left wondering what happened to your golf swing.

My secret is to show you how to hack into this automatic system and use the system to prevent the trip in the first place!

The "trip" that started my jouney to this discovery...

Standing on the 15th teebox, one off the lead. After so many years of struggle, I was going to finally break through!

My driver was on automatic, I was firing on all cylinders, and I felt like I could finally trust my swing. An easy drive with a short approach for birdie plus a birdie on 18 could win this tournament.

Moments later I was watching in disbelief as my drive sailed out of bounds! What happened???

I composed myself and re-teed. A bogie would still give me a chance.

And seconds later I felt the blood drain from my body as I watched my re-tee go out of bounds on the same line as the first shot...

Stunned, I think I knocked a 5-iron down the fairway... I don't remember much after that except that I felt numb for days.

I just kept mumbling to myself, "I was so close! How could this happen?"

I had the best equipment, took the best instruction and I was finally cruising... How does it happen?

After I emerged from the fog, I vowed I would figure out how to prevent those crazy, demoralizing, out-of-the-blue shots... or die trying!..

And it darned near killed me.

I'm not a country club professional golfer... My journey started out the same way it does for many golfers...

A friend invited me out to play and I instantly fell in love with the game. Along the way I hit a couple of decent shots and I was sure I would be able to quickly improve.

I was hooked on the game, but not very good so I tried every bit of golf instruction I could get my hands on to improve and become a consistently better golfer.

I spent 1000s of hours on the driving range intrigued that I couldn't hit two balls the same way. That intrigue quickly turned into frustration. I played many aggravating rounds wondering if maybe I was missing something (besides the ball), but one look at my library of books and videos would say different.

And...I hate to admit, for a while I turned into THAT guy...you know; the golfer that knows everything about the golf swing but can't make his own swing do what he wants?

Even with lessons from top pros, I would still see my game slip back to its old ways within weeks. in the end, when I stepped up to hit a shot, I never knew for sure where the golf ball would go once I hit it.That doubt before every shot was killing my love of golf.

And I must confess... when I hit a bad shot I would be Sooooo frustrated, I would sometimes throw my club because I had hit that shot many times before and there was just no reason to miss it! I'm not proud of it, but I was that mad. I even broke a few clubs but deep down, I knew there was something I was missing and all of the instruction I took just wasn't fixing it!

I felt like this guy...

Golf wasn't fun any more...

Then shortly after I threw my clubs in a corner and vowed to quit the game, it happened by accident, or maybe it was fate...

My roommate asked me to help him with his golf swing (remember, I was THAT guy) because he was playing in a company tournament the following week. I agreed and we went to a new driving range in town. It was the grand opening. When we got to the range, the pro invited us to enter a small putting contest he was having on the bent grass putting course. I couldn't refuse. One thing I COULD do was putt. Well I won. My prize was 3 lessons with the pro. I thought "Oh crap, here we go again!" but my buddy talked me into having an open mind.

The following week I attended my first lesson, which was nothing like any lesson I ever had. We talked for the first 15 minutes before I even warmed up. Once I was warmed up, Robert, the pro, put me on video and within 15 minutes answered every question I had about my swing. In 15 minutes I understood something no other pro could successfully spot or explain!

I had to ask,"What is the difference between you and every other instructor who couldn't see what you saw or explain it to me?"

Robert had only one word, "Biomechanics!"

Golf Biomechanics; I was sure this was my turning point.

After a few weeks of applying the biomechanics I learned from Robert, I was showing off, making trick shots such as long draws with a wedge or flopping a 3-iron, I could hit any shot in the book on command.

There was only one problem...

I wasn't scoring any better on the golf course. I could hit any shot but STILL blew up on the golf course and still finished most rounds mumbling, "How do I stop this?"

I went back to Robert with my dilemma. He watched me hit balls again and had a few minor suggestions based on what he saw...

And at that moment it hit me like Newton's apple!

He was making suggestions based on What he saw (on the outside) but I had to make the corrections based on What I felt (on the inside)!

There was a MAJOR gap there that required interpretation, and I can say from experience that every golfer interprets golf instruction a little differently.
THAT is why different golfers who get the same instruction don't respond the same way and why their results vary so much!

Here's the other reason the GAP is causing problems...
Golfers always try to find their perfect feel points to maintain their golf swing. Maybe a certain stretch in the body somwhere or a certain muscle flexes just so. The issue is that your sense of feel usually changes during a round of golf. When it does, what do you have left to make your golf swing?

The frustration happens when your muscles get tired or cold from waiting and that feel point is no longer there.

You are left with nothing to make your swing work and every golf swing after that is either "hit and hope" or a search for a new feel point to finish the round. Either way, the shot that went OB or was missed has caused enough frustration to ruin a good round.
I'll explain how to stop feel from fading in just a second...

Aikido provided the key that opened the door to this discovery...

While all of this was going on I was also taking Aikido, the marshall art that uses an opponants own force to redirect his force without applying your own. Sounds funny and it takes years to understand fully. Aikido requires an understanding of balance and a sensitivity to feeling other peoples forces when you "join with them" as they say. You know when you are doing Aikido properly because you don't exert your own strength.
What stuck out for me that I learned about balance in Aikido was that balance is a reaction to gravity and gravity doesn't change...

Therefore, your body's reaction to gravity is always consistent.

I wondered, "Could my inconsistency on the golf course really be as simple as a balance issue?"
After researching balance further I decided to apply what I learned to golf. It wasn't easy as there really is almost no in depth golf instruction concerning balance. With diligence, trial, error and further testing, I cracked the code.

My initial discovery was that being even slightly off balance was activating the "trip response" that causes 90% of golf swing mistakes!
The setup routine I had developed over the next few years was based on balance feedback, and when followed in detail, created a perfectly balanced stance and fixed those faults. I showed some friends and a few pros my setup and was amazed at the immediate results.

Suddenly golfers were asking ME to teach them how balance works with golf. BY now I had completely lost the "that guy" attitude, so I was a little overwhelmed. I agreed to help golfers who asked me so I could continue testing and tweaking the application of balance to golf. In the process, I quickly became aware of the link between biomechanics and balance.
Once my methods proved to have consistent effective results , I realized I was no longer teaching the golf swing. The golfers I helped told me their golf swing had changed, but it changed from the inside-out.
I didn't change their golf swing; Their golf swing adapted to fit their body structure because of the one missing ingredient we had added to their routines.
The whole experience made me realize that there is a whole new world outside of golf swing theory that makes a much bigger difference for a golfer's game.

Over the next three years I coached over 5000 golfers on the internet completely free to further prove my theories and continue researching the one missing ingredient in golf that makes all of the difference between success and failure.

Once the questions slowed down and the "WOW" emails became more commonplace, I decided to write everything I learned during the Free newsletter project into a book. It only took eight months to write and edit Golf Swing Control and I think there may still be a few errors I keep missing in there.

I wasn't real wild about the name Golf Swing Control, but for the life of me, I couldn't think of anything else to call it!

So where am I today?

I too thought the secret missing ingredient was balance, but I was just a little off...
What I was teaching and what was making the huge difference in my students' games was their awareness of balance during their setup and golf swing.

It's a process that I call Active Awareness.

Here's how it works...

If you remember, the reason you are left with nothing on the golf course because your feel points fade later in the round. The muscle related feel points you are forced to use during normal instruction change when the muscle dynamics change...In the middle of your round, when you need them most.

Active awareness of balance is centered on gravity, which doesn't change. Your body's reaction to gravity is always consistent and doesn't fade. Applying Active Awareness to center your feel points in gravity provides you with consistent reliable feedback you can trust, so you can always command the golf swing you want for each golf shot you hit. It's really that simple... Much simpler than the journey needed to figure this out.

Here's the best part... You already have this process hiding deep in your brain, already doing much of the heavy lifting in your life... Once I show you how to apply it to your golf game you will be free of golf swing instruction forever.

It's a big promise but it's exactly how I play these days. My injuries don't allow me to practice, so I use active awareness for about 30 minutes one or two nights before I play and I can keep up with the top golfers on the course.

I play on the weekends, only one round, with about 15 balls for warm up. By swing 3 or 5, I am ready and I'm just fine-tuning some of my inner visualizations to up my game...

I can imagine how deadly I would be if I could play more often...

But it's not to be. I still give the scratch golfers a serious run for their money, and when the breaks go my way?.. I take their money.

And they don't understand how I do it playing only once per week.

So yes, I live this, and it works for me and for my students who understand how and why it works...

Active Awareness is the secret that creates that easy, powerful, consistent golf swing that exactly fits your body structure.

But without this simple secret, current mainstream golf swing instruction is slowing down your progress if your goal to master your golf game.

Instead of just explaining how Active Awareness works, I would rather demonstrate with some simple exercises that will quickly show you how simply Active Awareness can be applied to your golf game.

Below you will see sign up instructions for free lessons on applying Active Awareness. Sign up and you will get an email with the link and passwords to the videos. Watch the videos and do the exercises. They seem simple but the results will show you just how simple but powerful adding Active Awareness is. Afterward, you are welcome to return if you feel the rest of the Golf Swing Program is for you.


    Some keys to remember when applying the free lessons.
  • The first and most important key to consistency is your awareness of balance and dynamic balance. If you move in balance during your golf swing there is only one backswing plane your club will follow. Swing out of balance and that number quickly goes up to infinity!
  • I will show you how to guarantee perfect balance every time you step up to the golf ball using Active Awareness.
  • Active Awareness is also the secret key to visualization. When you swing in balance, your mind is not distracted trying to rebalance your body, so it allows you to use the subconscious to visualize your shot.
  • Swing in balance and you will discover the natural golf swing that fits your personal body structure.
  • Setting up and swinging in balance allows your body to use all available strength to add distance to your shots.
  • The setup routine you will learn is biomechanically balanced to help you prevent injuries from swinging the golf club. (I did it so I could keep playing after my injury sidelined me)
  • And awareness of balance is just the start...
  • The testimonies below are just a small sample of the letters of gratitude I have received for Golf Swing Control. I am always humbled when I receive another one.
  • So... If your golf game is as frustrating for you as mine was for me, it doesn't have to be and it takes little time to get where you can enjoy real golf...

    I've taken the long jouney to find the missing piece so you can stop asking yourself "How?" and get on with the golf game you know you have inside of you. Give Golf Swing Control a good test drive and let me know how well it works for you.

    So how do you get started?

    Just follow the steps below...

    Bookmark This Page , because when it works, you'll want to come back.

    Sign up below to get started with the Golf Swing Control Secret of Consistent Golf.

    Simply fill in your email and first name and I will send you five lessons free that will show you how Golf Swing Control will help you finally solve the swing issue that's been holding back your golf game.

    When you get the lessons, pay attention to details, focus on your awareness of balance and the results will surprise you.

    ATTENTION: You will get the link to the free lessons in an email. First you will need to confirm your subscription

    When you get the email, do not delete it. It has the link and the passwords you'll need to access the lessons when you want to return.

    If you don't see the email, check your spam or trash folders as some email clients throw it in there if the security settings are very high.


    I am a privacy nut, which means your email address is safe with me, and NOBODY will be sending you emails or advertisements you didn't ask for.


    This is not your normal instruction so I ask that you do not think of it the like normal golf swing instruction. This training works 99% of the time. I know because I've tested it for years with thousands of golfers, but it only works if you look at it as if you were starting out for the first time. Remember, focus on your awareness of balance and the swing will take care of itself.Your body really DOES know what to do.

    Why Are There No Videos in the Instruction Course?

    I have some videos in the free newsletters that will get you started, but the course IS the Manual... Here's why:

    For a while, when the course was called "The Ultimate Golf System", I had videos because the marketers who produced the videos convinced me that I needed them.

    Once the course was out, I noticed an astonishing trend. Many of the golfers who bought the program complained it wasn't helping. When I compared their results to the successful results students told me about from reading the manual WITHOUT the videos...

    I realized that the videos were recreating the very GAP I was working to close.

    Many golfers were watching the videos without reading the manual... They were looking at the instruction from the instructor's point of view... looking at the "What" to do. But the golfers who followed the instructions and read the manual first understood the "How" and got faster, better results using the consistent feedback provided using Active Awareness.

    So to prevent you from recreating the very GAP you need to conquer, there are no videos.

    Trust me, you are better off not looking at videos until you can "see" the golf swing from the inside-out by understanding and feeling the "how".

    If you want to purchase the Golf Swing Control Manual at half price for a limited time, Click the following link:

    I'm ready to get the Golf Swing Control Manual

    While you're here, take time to check out the links on the left side of the page for more information to help your golf game.

    If you have any questions, email me or give me a call - 239-227-7989.


    When I met Tracy Reed, it became evident that he had the ability to organize information while creating an atmosphere for processing body awareness. He has strong motivational skills, which I have employed as a golf coach on the developmental tours where aspiring golf pros are honing their skills to reach the next level.

    Robert De Leon
    Teaching Professional
    Myrtle Beach, SC


    Satisfied Golf Swing Control Golfers...

    I tried to get out of the bet as I'm working on my game...

    I don't even know where to start. I sent off for your manual Monday night the 9th, got home Thursday from work and there it was. I started to read it when I went to bed that night and by midnight, I was out in the front yard swinging the club. Your setup routine really got a grip of me from the start.

    I have been playing golf for a long while and the best I have shot is an 88 from the championship tees. My norm is about 90 - 93. Well, I got a phone call this morning at 8am (Sunday 15th) from one of the guys I play with. He said, "I have 2 tee times at 9:30 do you want to play?"

    Well sure I did. I got to the course and the other guys are all low handicaps. They all asked what the bet was as we went to the first tee, and as norm its $20 a man winner takes all. I tried to get out of the bet as I'm working on my game, but all I got was a whole lot of boos, so I said ok, I'm in.

    Well, from the first tee I never looked back. Your setup routine, along with the dynamic balance put me in a whole new zone. I was hitting my driver 260+ and picking the line I wanted every time. I hit one drive into the green side bunker, 337 yards, (a slight pull left) but the thing that stands out the most for my game was the visualization.

    It put the ball where I wanted it all day long. I was playing off a 19 handicap and one of the guys with me was playing off 7. Well, I shot a 78, and so did he. I creamed them all....no one else came close.

    Jamie, the 7 handicap asked me at the end, "How did you turn it around like that! You really gave me a game there!"

    I said its only going to get better from here, and the best thing of all is.....I'm only on page 56 of the manual and I still have the ball I started with on the first tee!

    Thanks for letting me enjoy my game again,
    John McGeary,
    Dallas, TX


    He wasn't sure, so he just tried the setup routine...

    ......I hit balls today and used the setup technique on the website.
    All I can say is WOW!

    I was hitting the ball consistently on the sweet spot and hitting really nice golf shots. I used some Titleist club fitting stickers my club has and that is how I was noticing how pure I was striking the ball. I could also feel when it wasn't right and when a shot didn't go where I had intended, I could feel why.

    Just on that alone I offer my thanks.

    Ross Mosher,
    Middletown, OH


    The secret of the transition from the backswing to the downswing... In a single paragraph...

    When 6 Top instructors could not answer it in person... And it worked!

    ...I have attended Mclean in NYC, Leadbetter in South Carolina, Gravity Golf in Florida, Golf Tek in Atlanta and Pennick in Austin and gone to that golf camp in Tampa that teaches you on their course for not one, but two weeks.

    I have read Pennick, Hogan, Mclean, Leadbetter, Woods, and Faldo's books. I have watched the Golf Channel religiously. I subscribe to both Golf Mag and Golf Digest.

    The point I am making is that I searched the entire golf instruction industry for the answer to the question that you gave me in a paragraph.

    Until you, no one else could give me the simple movement solution you did and I obviously could not "find" it on my own....

    You made something that has eluded me, and any instructor who has ever evaluated me, come together in an instant.

    Maybe I was on the verge of a "breakthrough", but it wouldn't have happened without your insight.

    Mike Tammierillo
    Denver, CO


    ...during tournaments I could never break 80...

    I'm 15 years old and golf every single day. Occasionally I would fire some rounds in the low 70s, but during tournaments I could never break 80.

    I first read your information about a week ago and the first day I tried your setup routine. I was hitting the ball awesome, consistently.

    From that day I had 4 days to prepare for my tournament. All 4 days of practice I shot in the mid to low 70s. Then the real test came. The first day of the tournament I played great. I hit 13 greens, missed only 2 fairways, and was averaging about 270 per drive. My driving distance went up about 50 yards and I hit 8 more greens than my average. I shot a 77 missing 4 birdies inside ten feet, 3 3-putts, and 3 missed 3-footers. I could have easily shot under par.

    The second day I putted a little better and struck the ball about the same. I shot a 74 missing 3 3-footers and won my tournament by 7 strokes. I had finally broke 80 in a tournament.

    Thanks for helping me win a trophy and a $320 gift certificate to the pro shop!

    Micah Pastula
    Ft.Myers Florida


    At first I said no, but he persisted...

    Hello Tracy,

    I was wowed today.

    I was practicing at my local driving range and one of my teachers (this guy gave me one 30 minutes lesson once) was going to the course with another guy. It's a 9 holes course, all Par 3. Anyway, I was just warming up and he turned to me and said, "Jo, come play with us." I had just arrived and made probably less then 10 warm up shots with my 8 iron. At first I said no, but he persisted so I went off with them.

    Thank you so much for these routines. I didn't slice a single shot today.

    I was wowed at a 145 meters PAR 3 hole, when I hit my 6 Iron against a strong wind and the ball landed on the green and stopped immediately, digging a small hole in it. I scored 3 strokes on that hole and my teacher scored 4. He looked at me and said, "You're handicap 28 my a$$!".

    This was already the best hole of my short golf life. You cannot imagine the wind! I finished an amazing +7, my teacher +2, and the other guy, handicap 15 finished +12!

    Your manual is my bible! Thank you so much for this REALLY impressive and valuable info.

    Best regards,

    Joao Vaz,


    Is Golf Instruction Messing Up Your Game?

    I wanted to pass on a GREAT story that happened to me today at the range.

    I was going through my routine, hitting some good shots, and the person next to me was receiving an hour of instruction. He wasn't getting anywhere, and to be real honest the instruction wasn't very good.

    Well, when I'd glance over and watch this guy swing I could SEE his right foot rolling over and his right knee straightening and going to the right and then I could SEE his weight dramatically shift to outside his left foot and his left knee would swing out.

    His instructor outfitted him with some weird contraption and told him to swing it back because, "he had to build muscle memory." When he did this, you could still SEE his balance way off.
    Basically, the instructor was saying EVERYTHING that you don't! It was sadly comical. The instruction was going nowhere.
    You could tell the poor sap was frustrated (I know I've been there).

    So his instruction finishes and he decides he's going to hit another bucket to work on it all . He turns to me and says, "I see you hit the ball pretty well, do you notice anything?" (I promise this story is real) I say, suppressing laughter because a mere four days ago I was in the same boat as this guy, "Why don't you try this......."

    To nobody's surprise but this guy's, he sends a beautiful 8-iron shot high in the air and straight. I then proceeded to tell him my story about how your's is the greatest golf instruction I've ever received and 4 days ago my shots were uglier than his and I gave him the web site address. Now he's hitting some good looking golf shots.

    Now here's the kicker...he pulls out his wallet and offers ME $70 and says, "I just paid that bastard in there $70 and he didn't do a damn thing so I might as well pay it to somebody that helped!" I politely refused and told him to visit your site.

    If going from a hack to a "golf instructor" in 4-days isn't the best testimony to your instruction, then I don't know what is!!!

    Thanks again!


    The mindset that separates professional golfers from amateurs.

    "I've worked with Tracy for years and had nothing but success. His visualization techniques are the best I have ever seen, and his ground breaking Dynamic Balance routines are something that every golfer, whether beginner or professional should use."

    Gary Brewer II, PGA Professional

    "I have had more success, higher finishes, and bigger paychecks in the 2 months since I worked with Tracy than I did in the previous 4 years... and the results have been almost instantaneous."

    Curtis Knight
    Jacksonville, Florida

    If your goal is a better, more consistent game with better ball striking and fewer mistakes, read on...


    Nick never expected to break 80...

    After only 1 hour with Tracy, Nick shot a 67 his first time out
    after an 8 month layoff due to an injury.

    "I never expected to break 80..."

    Click here to hear his story.


    No time for practice?..

    Hi Tracy,

    I am a golfer playing off a 3 handicap who plays on average once every 5 weeks, so it sometimes difficult to maintain the handicap. However, I regularly get comments from my fellow peers asking how I maintain a good strike/control whilst playing minimal golf.

    I have read many books over the years, and all have been of benefit, but I think the way you have explained the effectiveness of the swing is simple and easy to digest.

    I now enjoy my golf more than ever, having developed a mental attitude that used to come as second nature when I was playing a lot of amateur golf in my younger days.

    The benefits have been forthcoming, winning back to back club championships (at my local course) and the handicap match play title in the same year.

    I used to play golf with Phil Price at junior level (European PGA pro)back in the 80's and almost feel that I could now give him a run for his money!

    Paul Brown
    Wales (UK)


    Maybe you don't need any more instruction...

    Hi Tracy,
    I just wanted to start off by saying that I am progressing very nicely. I am making shots like never before. I went from 220-250 off of the tee to 270-290 almost religiously. I cracked one 329 the other day as well (although it was down hill). My iron play has dramatically changed as well; on target and a lot longer.

    I thought I was a good player before this but now I realize there is much more out there.

    Thank you,
    Jimmy Termine
    Rockland County
    New York


    Too old to improve your golf game?

    Hi Tracy,

    The Golf Swing Control manual has been a revelation to my golf game. I am a 15.8 index but not for long. I am hitting the ball off the tee 50 yards further than I ever have in my life and my irons are now 10-15 yards longer.

    The funny part is that I am 63 and playing the longest golf of my life.

    I am now hitting my drives 280+ and in the fairway. My length is now allowing me to hit 9s and PWs rather than 5 or 6s.

    Well that is it from Northern Illinois. The weather is finally getting warm after a miserable winter and it is time to lower my index to single digits.

    Thanks for connecting to my brain,

    Christopher Heller
    Barrington, Il


    "Dropped from an 18 handicap, struggling to catch a par now and then... down to scratch golf."


    At the end of the golf season last fall, shooting sub par was as easy as walking down the street to get a beer (this IS Milwaukee).

    I played no less than 5 rounds a week for three weeks right before it turned cold (a guy has to have his priorities in order). Each time I played during that streak, I was below par by anywhere from two to three strokes (depending on the course). I didn't lose a single golf ball for the entire run.

    My shot was so smooth and so effortless that I tried hitting over a water obstacle to shorten a long par 5 one day. That very same hole previously cost me three golf balls and six strokes over three separate rounds this past spring. The tee shot for that hole has to be no less than 320 yards (a conservative estimate). There's not many golfers that haven't tried and failed to overcome the water on that hole. I can still feel the shot because it was like nothing I've ever felt before. An easy as pie swing that was as smooth as glass. When the ball left I thought I could hear it sizzle. When it landed and finished its roll out, I was WAY out past the water sitting in the fairway about 60 yards from the green looking at an eagle approach (yes sir, I eagled THAT hole).

    It gets better...the last round I played before everything closed down for the winter was up at Fire Ridge (North of Milwaukee). I played in the short grass the entire round. Killed another eagle and put down five birdies. Best of all, no bogey holes for the entire round (that's seven under par). The longest putt I had was a 30 footer, uphill, against the grain on 15 and I drained it like a sink.

    My score at the end of the round was 65. That 18 hole score was better than my all time best 66, 22 years ago and this was a tougher course.

    I know that you get letters all the time telling you how much of an improvement your golf philosophy makes in someone's game. Just wanted you to know that what you have taken the time to share with us hacks out here works as advertised.

    Your philosophy works like nothing else I've ever tried or read about and I am just glad you took the time to share it with the rest of us. That is what's important in all this.

    Looking forward to hot weather, fast greens,
    Roger Hammersmith
    Kenosha, WI


    I'm not asking you to abandon traditional instruction...

    I put my reputation on the line Saturday and decided that the first thing that I would address with each pupil at the clinic was their balance throughout the swing.

    Normally, the first thing I address is their grip, then stance, then posture, etc...

    I must admit that they got results quicker using the dynamic balance approach than I get normally.

    And the magnitude of the improvement was such that they were amazed at their shot consistency.

    While the other fundamentals are still very important to the golf swing, and I will never abandon them. I will be using your techniques with all my students from now on.
    Thank you,

    John Barree
    Dallas, TX


    13+ years chasing a golf swing...

    Hi Tracy,

    After 13+ years of chasing a golf swing, for the first time I feel like I know what to look for and feel in my golf swing.

    Your information makes sense, your drills are helpful, and the way you hammer home the same consistent message is much appreciated. What is interesting is my focus is better and centered on the right thing and my practices are more productive...

    I feel like a student studying hard and learning about something that excites me.

    Thanks for the direction and support.

    Doug Mejia
    Anaheim, CA

    PS: I am having more fun practicing and golfing than I have in a long time.


    John Butcher shot an opening round 65 to win his Club Championship just 2 weeks after starting Golf Swing Control.....

    Hi Tracy,
    I am a delighted customer....

    I spent more time with my setup routine and visualization techniques than anything else. But what you managed to teach me in the course of a few days over the Internet is simply amazing!

    I couldn't quite figure out why I wasn't getting that "spank the back of the ball" feeling with my driver and that little draw that comes from a well-struck inside-out swing. Well, it's back. And if I lose it on the course, I can make and feel the adjustments to get back on track.

    Thanks for everything. Best,
    John Butcher,
    Columbia, MO


    Bill won The Kentucky State Seniors his first time out.....

    What can I say? When I started your program, I was inconsistent to say the least but had a goal to reach 3 handicap from a 5. My last 6 scores are 72 from the tips (7000 yard course), 72, 74 with a triple bogey (dumb mental mistake), 69 and 70.

    My index is now 2.7 and I have more confidence that I am going down even more, possibly scratch. Every aspect from driving, iron play, chipping, putting and bunker play has improved immeasurably.

    This is getting fun again and I am 57 years old.
    I have never driven the ball as far as I am now. I am 5'8" and 155 lbs and out-drive my playing competitors who are much, much bigger than me. They can't believe what they see but are getting use to it.

    Thanks so much for your efforts as I am having the ball of my life.

    Bill Engle,
    Louisville, KY


    Excited in Ireland.....

    Hi Tracy,
    Just a quick update on where my game is.

    For the past 10 weeks, I am getting much more consistent and am regularly playing to my handicap of 13. However the last 2 rounds have been very special.

    I shot 7 over 79 gross on a course I never played before. This included two bad double bogeys on 9 and 18. Then last Sunday, I shot 36 points for 15 holes in the club winter competition, with no score on the 1st hole. I played 2 to 11 in 2 under par!

    Thanks for all the help. I can't wait for the new season to start next March.

    John O'Shea


    Roy dropped 11 strokes after a 6 year layoff from golf.....

    Great Book. The 1st time I tried it, I shot 86 which was 11-12 strokes under what I've been shooting recently since I re-started playing after laying off 6 yrs.....Then a 90 and then only 7 over on 9 holes.

    What I find SO GREAT is that the power generated is unbelievable and again like you said... after the magic move... the swing is over so quickly with astonishing results and WITH NO EFFORT AT ALL. I cannot believe how easily I am hitting all my clubs and with EFFORTLESS POWER.

    No more hitting buckets of balls to keep my swing...just those swing exercises you recommend and a couple times at the range. That is the reason I am happy. I don't have to struggle with this game and I can still be a decent player without having to play so often.

    Roy Tanouye
    Henderson, NV


    Legally blind and played golf for only a year...

    ...After receiving your Golf Swing Control Course, I did as you advised and read through it without doing the drills. Since reading it I have played two rounds on two of the most difficult par three courses where I live. One course is long by design and the other, due to the wind Gods.

    Thanks to the Golf Swing Control Course I shot a 32 and a 33, (5 and 6 over par) concentrating on nothing but balance. My pitching and chipping have improved dramatically, but more impressive to me is how confident I feel standing over a shot.

    What my score does not indicate is the fact that I am legally blind and have played golf for only a year.

    I play with a coach who lines me up on the tee and advises me on wind, hole placement and any other matters of importance. She lines up my putts after I have walked them for distance. I mention this because my coach was not available for the two rounds I spoke of earlier. I played with two neighbors who have been golfing for three months and neither had ever helped me play.

    But, the fact is without your Course I would never have had the confidence to feel comfortable playing without my golf coach.

    Thank you
    Cheryl Fisher
    The Villages, FL


    I have received your Golf Swing Control Course and it is great!

    It is the perfect learning tool.

    You have the wonderful ability as an author to take words and transform them into pictures in the mind for easy learning. And of course, make it simple to transform into a perfect golf swing. It's truly exciting. I couldn't put it down. It is a most valuable tool for finally doing it the right way on the golf course and being able to get the true feel of how it should be done.

    Thank you Tracy for finally putting it all into a form that can be learned.
    Dr. Bradley Semegon
    Jacksonville, Fl


    ...fighting years of poor swing habits...

    ...I've gone through the book and I like it. I have at least a half dozen swing books, and I subscribe to a couple of golf magazines. The basic full swing as described in these books is correct, but each author uses his own words to give the reader an image of what point he is trying to teach.

    I find that your description is the best and most detailed that I have seen. It fills in a lot of gaps that the other books skip over. Great job.

    As for my game, I am fighting years of poor swing habits and as I seek to rebuild my swing, I am inconsistent. When I do execute the swing the way I am trying to, it feels great and my goal is to capture that feeling.
    Your book has given me renewed inspiration to keep at it.

    John McNicholas
    Middletown, NJ

    I used to struggle with the game because I really did not understand the mechanics...

    ...I worked with your book from Sept to early October. (It's getting too cold to play outside now). I used to struggle with the game because I really did not understand the mechanics of the swing.

    Not only do I understand the mechanics now, but you have also highlighted all the subtle points of a golf swing that really make the mechanics work.

    I truly believe you have captured this complex swing in its simplest steps.

    I am going to work through the winter on my swing so I may have some questions but so far I am still trying to integrate your concepts into the swing. The scores are improving but the best part is that I am not so frustrated by the game.

    It is a wonderful book and I hope you have much success with it.

    Bob Calvert,
    Toronto, Canada


    I started reading your book and could not put it down for hours. You are the first person I have taken lessons from that has a complete understanding of the golf swing and how to play the game.

    I have a 13 handicap and shot 5 over par today on a very difficult golf course. I kept one thought in mind, balance, balance, balance!! I hit the ball so pure, straight, and long.

    I still have a minor problem moving off the ball on the backswing but I am sure your book will answer that question.


    Thanks so much.

    Charles F. Bridgeman
    Chesterfield, VA


    But will the results last?

    Last winter I attended a very well known golf school for 5 days. The results were amazing, but they seemed to disappear once I left the school.

    Your program has been a godsend. I cannot tell you how much it has helped me and how quickly it helped. The results are repeatable and consistent.

    I have been so impressed with your program that I have suggested it to many friends. I hope that they get as much benefit as I did.

    Keep up the good work.
    Brian Norris


    So is it really worth it?......

    I have read the books of every major instructor in the country. I have also taken lessons from some of the top teachers notably Harmon and Ballard. As a solid 7 handicap, using your book finally helped me break through.

    I have had your book 2 days and I already have grasped it and can do it.

    It came faster for me because some of the stuff is what Jimmy Ballard showed me, which is great stuff. The problem I had with Jimmy was that I could hit it straight but not long. Now I know why.....

    I went to the driving range and did what you said and the ball exploded off the club face. I have many friends on the PGA tour and have played rounds with many of them. So I know what "tour" shots look like. I personally have hit many great shots, but your method has me knocking the fire out of the ball every single time. My old swing focused on guiding the hands to the right position at impact. With your method the golf ball is gone so fast I could not do that if I tried.

    I just wanted to say thank you and I will be telling my friends about your book.
    Thank you for everything.
    F. Harber
    Dallas, Texas

    I consider myself a complete golf novice...

    Your information is amazing! It's like magic!

    I consider myself a complete golf novice. I started like you. Somebody suggested I should try it. I did and I was hooked. I took 3 golf lessons (most of the information I have already forgotten) I have played a few times on some 9 hole golf courses and 1 time on a municipal golf course, which was more frustrating than I want to admit; but still had fun. For the most part I was happy if I just hit the golf ball at all.

    I have read your first 4 chapters and have applied them to my golf swing and without fail I hit the golf ball dead on every time...

    Thank you.
    Novice Golfer in Santa Barbara


    He has "It" in just 2 weeks......

    I just wanted to update you on my progress. I ordered the manual and before it could come I had the 3 worst rounds of my career. I was playing 5-6 times a week and decided to give it a rest. I took 2 weeks off and read the entire manual twice just to make sure I didn't miss anything. I started working with the drills and re-reading the parts I felt were most important.

    So after my 2-week break I came back on fire! I shot 68, 72, and 73 last weekend.

    My handicap has dropped from a 7 to a 4 in under 2 weeks.

    I missed the course record by 1 stroke, due to a missed eagle that came up less than an inch short.

    I hit 94% greens and 98% fairways on my last round. I have also lost the fade that has been there for nearly 18 years.

    So far the only downside is I have discovered that I need to get my clubs fitted again. I plan on taking (and passing) the PGA Playing Ability Test in the fall of 2006.

    Jason Black
    USAF Germany


    Scott still isn't sure how I knew.....

    One word... Wow! That is pretty darn impressive. You are right on the money with the setup.....

    But what really blows my mind is that you knew I was straightening up as I looked at the target. I thought you were nuts until I teed it up in my living room and went through the routine without thinking about it. Sure enough, knee bend while stepping up to the ball, and adjusting my height as I looked down the hall. Can't wait to give it a swing outside.

    Scott Johnson


    Fred Logan writes...

    "After finishing your course, with review and practice at home, my first three rounds resulted in scores of 78, 75 and 76."

    Hi Tracy!

    I started playing golf when I was 13. I am now 57. I've played on and off the whole time (mostly off during college and the first 15 or so years after that), but without much instruction. In the last few years I started paying close attention to watching the pros to improve my swing. The first thing I noticed was their feet. For the vast majority, except during the follow-thru, they didn't move as mine were! About 3 years ago I had an instructor put a small piece of wood under my right arch (I'm a right-hander) and told me to keep the pressure on that piece of wood because my right foot was rolling out during my backswing. That's when I started to realize the importance of keeping the weight on the arches. But...I wasn't instructed as to why and therefore didn't realize the huge important part that balance played in the entire swing.

    Fast forward. I happened upon your course on the Net and watched your critique of Sergio Garcia's swing and his imbalance that resulted in a two-plane swing that he had to correct on his downswing. My mind lit up when I got to your website and listened to the free clips. I had already bought into the theory of a good swing coming from the ground up, but didn't know exactly why or how to visualize the components into an entire swing without consciously thinking of each part.

    I ordered your course a few weeks ago and did exactly as you suggested. Completely read through all 215 pages before watching the DVD's. What I didn't expect was how completely I understood what you were talking about and how it all made such good sense. There is no mystery, just body mechanics and pure facts. I began to practice the setup, paying attention to my balance, arches, pre-setting the right hip, and the backswing. Before the course, I dreaded the take-away because I couldn't seem to ever get a coordinated feeling when starting the move. BUT, by pre-setting the right hip by slightly leaning to the right, the take-away immediately felt coordinated and "right" by simply turning the chest. In addition, being aware of the connection factor of your arms and chest makes the backswing nearly as automatic as the downswing when you simply turn your chest to start the backswing.

    You mentioned your back problems in your blog. I had been a runner since 1984. Since that time, I've had 8 surgeries. Four knee surgeries (torn medial meniscus), one shoulder surgery (2 bones were not clearing and they were shaved back), a ruptured plantar fascia in my right foot (from 21 years of running), and two back surgeries. The plantar fascia surgery required 6 weeks on 2 crutches without ever allowing the right foot to touch the ground. In my first back surgery in 2005 the disc between L4 and L5 was trimmed. And to round out my back problems, a major back surgery in February of 2007 where the discs between L4-L5 and L5-S1 ruptured and I had to have a double fusion of the vertebrae with bone from my right hip. I now have 2 titanium rods and 6 screws still in my back. I kept breaking and they kept fixing me. I gave up the impact of running after the first back surgery in 2005 and took up swimming and limited weight lifting to continue strengthening my upper body and muscles surrounding my lower back.

    With all those surgeries you would think I couldn't even swing a club. But through rehab, swimming and strength training I've kept in the game. My scores were consistently in the lower 80's. I could never reach the 70's. After finishing your course, with review and practice at home, my first three rounds resulted in scores of 78, 75 and 76. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the amount of work you have put into this and how easy it is to grasp and understand.

    Many golfers have long since given up on improving their game and have resigned themselves to higher scores and frustrating rounds. I know because I have played with them and I'm sure you have as well. Your course isn't based on just your personal experience in the game, but rather with researched facts on how you can achieve a desired goal by understanding how the human body responds mentally and physically to visualized movements based on balance and proper mechanics. This is what sets your course apart from all the rest. Its not a compilation of "tricks and tips". Its a complete understanding of how and why our bodies and minds work as they do. Its the basis for understanding why and with understanding, you don't need a "trick" to improve, just practice doing what your body is built to accomplish by working in harmony with gravity and balance. Above all, it makes perfect sense.

    Thank you.


    Fred Logan
    Rainsville, AL